what is tounché?

[Tounché means SHIFT in the Yorouba language of Benin & Nigeria.]


Tounché Global Consciousness Summit is an invitation to a universal pilgrimage to restore our connection with each other, to nature and nurture our innermost selves.

There is an angst in the air that permeates our daily lives. All these things that divide us, politics, religious war, xenophobia, racism, and gender divide, are causing us to move with an unease. We already carry the weight of a traumatic past and for many of us, the day-to-day
microaggressions often build, reopening old wounds. After observing and having these experiences, my questions then became, ‘How do we take action? Where do we find solace, love, and understanding? Where do we go to commune, to breathe? Tounché was birthed from this questioning.
— Swaady Martin, Founder of Tounché


In very turbulant times when we often feel that the world has gone mad, we are in need of reconnection to enquiry, discovery, sharing, contemplation and reflection.

The Summit gathers All alongside consciousness visionaries, wisdom keepers, spiritual teachers, yoga and meditation instructors, healers, artists and holistic health practitioners who are internationally active in the process of healing communities through the healing of individuals.

Tounché’s wisdom keepers represent the diversity of the African diaspora and the world, coming together to immerse ourselves in carefully guided experiences; experiences that honor, nourish, heal, inspire and activate new levels self and collective awareness.

The spirit of the gathering is communal introspection and sacred atmosphere enabled by the connectedness of the experienced facilitators, the holistic flow of the schedule, the soulful African-based musical soundscapes, the open-minded collaboration between facilitators and the mind, body and soul centered sessions, dialogues and artistic presentations offered.

Tounché holds the vision of collective shift and provides all that is necessary for the individual to shift within.


The uniqueness of this event is its DIVERSITY and INCLUSIVENESS both in terms of SPEAKERS, ATTENDEES and TOPICS covered. The agenda contains "hard talks" (panels, talks), spiritual activities (yoga, meditation, healing) and arts (music, dance, visual arts).

In the Ubuntu spirit ("I am because we are"), we aim to have 1/3 of our participants fully sponsoredThey are generally people from the community who would benefit from the exposure to such an event but would not have had the means to attend otherwise. In our inaugural event we sponsored abused women, youth gang leaders undergoing values training, aspiring yoga teachers from the townships and university students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They mingled with all including big CEOs and country leaders and we did not put any spotlight on them so they could feel fully part of the whole. No one could actually tell who was who.

Tounché is an expansive experience of the potential we have as humans. It’s the opportunity to expand your mind, deeply connect with others and yourself and safely let go of what is not serving us anymore. All while surrounded by beauty, creativity and inspiration.
— Marcia Ayacaba, Co-creator Tounché Experience