Time: From 8am to 10PM


Tounché Bali 2019 is taking place at Wu Wei Wisdom Sanctuary, a 300 years old tri-dharma Sacred Temple, located in the mystical mountains of Ubud, the spiritual center of the paradise island of Bali (Indonesia). The Sanctuary imagined as a place for ‘people of the path’ to cross paths is steeped in deep indigenous wisdom and generational magic inviting all to awaken to their wisdom nature.


Tickets price: $85 | 1.2million Rupiah | 1150ZAR


All the below are confirmed speakers. This section is being updated regularly to add new confirmed speakers. Please send us an email at with your bio if you would like to share your gifts and be considered in our lineup.



To Jane Chen, every day is a learning day - how she lives it and learns from it influences her work and creation.

She believes that through guidance, inspiration and education; the people who she worked with will be able to make positive changes in their lives. Jane finds time to pursue many Indonesian cultural activities.

For the past 30 yrs she has been cultivating her “ White  Crane” Silat practice, an ancient Indonesia Martial Arts from Southern China Shaolin that promotes a sound mind and a fit physical body into her creation. She is also involved in body movements and the artistic aspects of martial arts and breathing meditation, choreographing and recording rare traditional seldom performed meditative dance movements. All of these activities are part of her rich and diverse Indonesian heritage, which she would like to record and pass down for posterity. For Jane, working is like playing and she flows constantly through/along with the ‘callings’ of her heart & soul.

These days, her work is the accumulations of all her experiences be it, fashion design, pottery, product designs, sound and scent blending, vocal, martial art, meditation and vipassana in motion.



Originally from San Francisco, California, now residing in Bali, Indonesia, Kamau Abayomi has lived, performed and taught internationally as a multi-disciplinary artistic mystic for last 20 years. He is 2-time international poetry slam champion, award winning choreographer, an author, recording artist, dj, youth mentor and spiritual guide. Under his Live Mysteries presentations, Kamau has curated over 50 original events internationally. Kamau is also a certified White Tiger Qi Gong instructor and co-founder of the Integral Grounding, a practical system of integrating spirituality into daily life. Kamau’s artistic works and workshop sessions are rooted in ‘The Law of One’ principles and offered with the intention of inspiring others into a holistically balanced life, with the awareness, activation and expansion of their own awareness, spiritual and artistic power.



Song writer, musician, sound healer and vocal coach.

Layeena was part of a Moroccan band ‘Thundersouls’ from 2010-2017. They played internationally across Morocco, China, The Philippines, India, and Bali.

She is a multicultural artist; her music is a fusion of different rhythms and chants inspired by her Berber, Arabic and African roots. She is now on a solo journey recording her first album utilizing her voice to share a message for peace, unity and love across humanity and planet earth.

Layeena is on a path to bring light into the music world.



Marcia is a Talent Development executive, a professional trainer and facilitator who helps organizations and individuals connect the dots to uncover their blind spots and accelerate the unfolding of their potential.

Marcia has spend most of her professional career in big corporate, using her passion for people and strong belief in the power of inclusiveness to affect the environments she works in. She has lead award winning initiatives to drive inclusiveness and engagement in Fortune 500 companies while delivering on cross-functional business objectives. 

She has also supported many individuals on their personal and spiritual journeys, with her unique approach blending modern and traditional tools, western and African philosophy, compassionate and no-non sense feedback. And although she is a lover of change, she has deep respect for ancestral wisdom and their healing powers.  

Marcia is a continuous learner who is blessed to be surrounded by amazing teachers, her masters being her three very expressive children.


As a trained Psychosomatic Therapist Melanie left the corporate world in 2012 to follow her vision of educating driven individuals about the importance of Emotional Intelligence and Chakra Philosophy, while creating her own online business and freedom lifestyle.

She has a unique combination and very holistic approach to business, as she highlights how connected you are to your decision making and business strategies via your chakra system. She believes that creativity and innovation are of upmost importance as technology advancements drive us into a new way of living and operating.

The Future of Work is changing.  In a world full of chaos, demands, addiction, dis-ease and technology advancements, it has never been more important to be connected to who you are and how you feel.

Melanie is continually approached by individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs who are worn out or disillusioned, and looking for a more meaningful connection to the next chapter of their business growth or career path. She has written a workbook, runs a number of online courses and mentors clients one:one. She also tours internationally with her Business Chakra Workshops - a recent highlight was delivering her wisdom to top executives and entrepreneurs from the home of Mahatma Gandhi in Johannesburg, South Africa.

An avid lover of fresh coconuts and globe trotting, her creativity will blow your mind as she helps propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an ever changing world, where innovation and creativity are fast becoming your biggest assets. 



Melvin Hart is  a shamanic medicine practitioner and healer who has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people from around the world and help in their healing and integration process. He is also a Neuromuscular Therapist, LMT, and CPT, but those letters only are part of who he is, he bridges the gap between science and spirituality to create a true holistic healing catalyst for his clients. A spiritual nomad Melvin travels around the globe studying and accumulating different tools to bring his own unique perspective on consciousness development, shamanism, neo-shamanism and integration to the people. As part of his training in the world of plant medicine Melvin has worked with various indigenous shaman, done numerous dietas in the jungles and mountains of Peru- held, facilitated, and participated in 100+ plant medicine ceremonies, and continues to work with his shamanic coaching clients to integrate their experiences into their everyday lives and offer his intuitive coaching.

That still is only part of his work. He is dedicated to helping people reach and activate their innate potential and bring them to the apex of their being: mentally, spiritually, and physically. Through support, accountability, and directed intention he believes all potentials can be reached and all blockages can be cleared. He continues on the lineage of his ancestors.


Jamaican Transformation and Wellness Coach Based in Bali, Serving The World

Nothing gives me greater joy, than to witness someone step into their power and the fullest expression of themselves, that they continue to play it forward. This is why making the shift from a rewarding 22-year long career with the United Nations in planning and logistics, to now serving as a catalyst for change in the wellness industry, for 8 years now and counting, was a natural transition.

Giving into my mission and passion to serve others, coupled with my belief in the principles of yoga and its ability to enhance self-awareness, bring wellness, transformation and self-development benefits to peoples lives- has led me to teaching, coaching and speaking primarily in South East Asia, Europe and USA. I am also a sought after contributing writer on these topics by magazines and blogs.

As one of the senior yoga teachers at the largest yoga and wellness facility in South East Asia at The Yoga Barn in Bali Indonesia, I have been working with millennial and boomer aged women from across the world, as well as crafting programmes for forward thinking corporations, NGOs international organisations and NGOs who are investing in the wellness of their people. I also create and lead signature programmes and workshops for individuals and groups in South East Asia, Australia, Europe, USA - that are centered around themes such as Self-Love as a Practice, Joy, Dharma-your life’s purpose and Groundation - purpose alignment strategies and others.


Ibu Robin Lim CPM is a Filipino–American midwife, mother, grandmother, and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat a non-profit organization in Indonesia.

Born in the Philippines in 1956, Robin decided to become a midwife in 1991, when her sister and neice tragically died during childbirth. She qualified as a midwife in the United States and Indonesia, and founded the Bumi Sehat Foundation International in Bali, Indonesia. To date, she has birthed over 9,000 babies and is known by locals and international fans alike as “Ibu Robin” (Mother Robin). Bumi Sehat (which translates to “healthy mother earth”) operates clinics in Bali, Sumatra Island Aceh, Papua and the Philippines, as well as temporary clinics in disaster areas around the world such as Haiti and Nepal. Through the foundation, Robin trains and inspires more than 6,000 midwives and nurses per year, and over 300,000 people have benefitted from Bumi Sehat’s services to date.

Lim also serves on the board of Bumi–Wadah Philippines, where she is known as “Lola Robin.” Her Passion is Human Rights in Childbirth. She believes that each individual is an essential “Piece of Peace” therefore by protecting the mothers in childbirth and the newborns (our smallest citizens of Earth) we may build peace, one Baby, one Mother, one Family at a time. She was awarded the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year award by the CNN news network for helping thousands of low-income women in Indonesia with healthy pregnancy and birth services.



Ageless embodied spirit to the Amazon forest realm of Suriname as the soul identity of Luciano J. H. Kross. 

Native ancestral bloodline descendant of West African Ashanti Iburu, Kush and Khem, Native American Wisdom keepers, Indo-European Wanderers, Mystics of Bharata & Sundaland.

Much which cannot be spoken in the language of mortal man, yet can be touched upon by holy chant, poetry, sacred dance and the living omnipotent geometry of nature's divine presence when word has become silence, identity has faded away and eye has become single. 

A Yogi Mystic Diviner, Master in the art of Ayurveda, Keylontic science, Herbalism, Alchemy, Shamanism, Western & Chinese traditional medicine, Mixed Martial Arts & Kundalini Yoga

I inspire as a living guide to achieve progressive integration and embodiment of our multi dimensional identity to catalyze transformation towards better health, self knowledge and liberation (moksha).

To serve humanity in aiding new levels of embodied awareness, bliss and health.



Architecture (UK) was my first choice to create  more sensitive spaces for people and later saw Urban Planning and Urban Design (UK) as avenues to create cities that can transform   people’s lives. Through International Development (with the UN Sri Lanka) ventured into human rights and direct intervention to provide immediate relief and humanitarian assistance to war affected people. The long term association in these fields raised many unanswered questions in my mind. Can all the professional bodies together, transform this world into a better place for our children and children’s children? The empirical reality made me look at other alternatives such as Basic Income as a new human right. It was soon clear that unless spirituality was made center stage, transformation was not possible.

Founded Poornam Foundation to promote spirituality for social transformation. The foundation considers personal transformation is pivotal in societal transformation. It focuses on spiritual practices through yoga, meditation, self-inquiry and selfless service to humanity as the four prong approach to personal transformation. It believes that personal transformation leads to personal wellbeing and social transformation.

Founded Basic Income Sri Lanka. People’s reluctance and inability to participate in spiritual practices organized by the Foundation highlighted the fact that unless their basic needs are taken care of they do not have the inclination or time to indulge in personal transformation. Hence BISL came into being.


Silfath Pinto has spent the last 10 years supporting men and women in stepping into their brilliance and becoming happiness alchemists. She creates transformational experiences through her LuminEssence methodology, an unique fusion of Energy Medicine, Movement Therapy and Cellular Reprograming, which fosters deep shifts at a cellular level, clearing wounds, patterns and beliefs that are preventing us from living to the fullest of our potential. 

Silfath offerings focus on 4 main areas: somatic intelligence (healing the body), sacred relationships, life purpose/divine mission and feminine awakening. Her clients have experience beautiful paradigm shifts: from changing jobs to starting a new career, from letting go of past hurt to moving to a new city, from meeting their soulmate to improving relationships, from losing weight to flourishing in radical self-love. They call Silfath an energy shifter, a medicine woman, an adorable giggler and magic maker.

In her passionate quest to empower men and women to create uplifting and lasting changes, Silfath is constantly researching and growing in the fields of Energy Alchemy, Quantum Physics and Epigenetics. She has trained in various transformative modalities including Yin Yoga, Movement Therapy, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, NLP, Theta Healing® and Reiki. 


Simon Jongenotter is a chef, Earth tender, healing facilitator and inspirational speaker on a mission to connect and empower people through their relationship to themselves, each other, the planet and his big passion: food. 

He travelled and lived in various countries for the past 20 years, exploring existence by moving out of his comfort zone into hectic restaurant kitchens, remote jungles, busy cities and a 5 year stint at a silent retreat center in rural Bali. He found a home, inside himself, through meditation, breathwork and energy healing.  

Driven by a deep love for all living beings, and a raging grief around the way we, as humans, treat our precious Mother Earth, Simon dedicates his life to facilitating growth and healing. He’s convinced that we can create a paradise for all living beings, if only we find our way back home to the sacred ways of Mother Nature.

He created the New Earth Cooking school in rural Bali, surrounded by a true food forest which he and the Indonesian team of food heroes planted and cares for since his move there in 2013. People from all over the world come there to explore and heal their relationship with themselves and Earth as Simon teaches a unique style of food he calls ‘New Earth Cooking’ ( He also co created a restaurant called ‘Zest’ which uses only local, plant based ingredients. (

He travels regularly to share workshops, Earth circles and healing sessions. Besides that he consults for restaurant kitchens around the world.


Swaady Martin is the founder of TOUNCHE. She is a serial entrepreneur, published author and former corporate executive at GE, where for 10 years she had various roles across the world. She was part of the pioneering Africa Dream Team and drove the expansion of GE’s portfolio of businesses across Africa by developing the 1st Africa Growth Playbooks for all GE businesses. In her last role at GE, she was the acting-CEO for GE South Africa Technologies and Director for GE Transportation for Sub- Saharan Africa. In 2012, she followed her entrepreneurial aspirations and created one of Africa’s most admired brands, YSWARA, a socially-conscious gourmet tea company contributing to the reversal of the African commodity trap and promoting Africa’s rich culture. YSWARA has received numerous awards and recognitions for its excellence and was the first African food brand to be retailed at the prestigious Selfridges and Harrods. In 2017, Swaady launched SHIFT WITHIN, a platform offering online & offline personal development courses and events to promote Africa’s inner revolution, including the annual Tounché Global Consciousness Summit. To date, more than 600 people have had transformative life experiences through SHIFT WITHIN programs and events. Profiled extensively in the media, from Forbes to CNN, BBC and Monocle, Swaady has made several magazine covers, received numerous awards including named to the Forbes and O Power Lists for Africa. She is a sought-after inspirational speaker, African fashion icon (Named GLAMOUR magazine Most GLAMOURous 2016) and a published author of spiritual tales for children.

Tickets price: $85 | 1.2million Rupiah | 1150ZAR